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Our Goal:
We have only one task, which is to give the New Zealand people a correctly functioning government system.

  • We are a Political Party who is aligned in one thought and purpose: to fix our governmental system and create a proper Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • We are the Political Party that's Not a Political Party. We are not interested in continuing to keep the current dysfunctional system going. The current system only serves its leaders and their cronies and not the people or the country.

In sharp contrast to other political parties, the Reset New Zealand Party's goal is to remove the current governmental structure and then build one that can actually work for the needs of the country and its peoples and that is integrally based on a Constitution and Bill of Rights complete with Checks and Balances inherent to it, then turn over the new structure back to the people.

Continuing to play 'Political Party Ping Pong' without fixing the thing that is actually broken is totally irresponsible.

We know and understand that the reason why so many issues have up to now not been satisfactorily addressed and why only knee-jerk solutions continue to be implemented is because there have never been an adequate foundation, structure, Constitution, or laws to properly and equitably implement a real solution.

First implement a structure that can address the issues properly, then handle the issues.

The Steps

Agenda process reset new zealandAgenda process reset new zealandA vote for Reset New Zealand says:


Once the Reset New Zealand party is voted into power and have more than 50% of the seats/vote we would petition the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament and give us the authority to reset the governmental structure as asked for by the people.

Key points:

  • The government will operate as normal during the reset with the exception of Parliament.
  • Government departments and policies would continue to stay in operation and in force until those policies and individual departments have been overhauled.
  • An interim governing body would be created to manage the existing structure and changeover, consisting of:

    • President: handling the governmental restructure and overseeing the entire political body changeover.
    • Prime Minister: handling all foreign relationships and external issues.
    • Interior Minister: handling all domestic and internal issues.
    • A 'Brain Trust' consisting of 21 individuals of the highest calibre, thinking ability, and experience, acting as the advisory body and research base for the President, Prime Minister, and Interior Minister. This group will have voting powers on decisions and proposals. The members will be hand-picked by the President and Prime Minister. Their main task is to research and confirm workable solutions, both short-term and long-term.

Once the governmental structure is rebuilt, a vote will then be called to populate the new political structure. No career politicians will be allowed.

The interim government will then be dissolved.



An investigation uncovers the truth. The truth requires that justice be served. If it is found that people and departments of previous administrations have broken or skirted laws then they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Quid Pro Quo has been a normal and accepted operating procedure in New Zealand politics for too long. That ends here.

Our Platform


Take the current government structure off-line and write a new Constitution and Bill of Rights then set in motion the restructuring of the government and laws to reflect these documents as the foundation of them.


The Shocking Statistics of New Zealand Health

  • The highest rate of family violence in the developed world.
  • The highest suicide rate in the world for under 30-year-olds.
  • Cancer rates in Men: 1 in 2
  • Breast cancer rates in Women: 1 in 4
  • One of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world.
  • The highest rate of Motor Neurone Disease (MND/ALS/PLS/PBP/SMA) in the world.
  • The highest rate of asthma in the world.
  • 2nd in the world for having an overweight population.
  • The diabetes rate in New Zealand is at 10% of the population and climbing.
  • The natural sleep aid, Melatonin, is restricted to those over 65 years and prescription-only. For all others under 65, doctors guidelines are to prescribe an anti-psychotic instead. This drug, with serious side-effects, is also prescribed to New Zealand teenagers – who have the second-highest suicide rate in the world.
  • Pharmaceutical items are restricted to government-approved vendors. This has driven the cost up to 5 to 10 times the wholesale price (the same profit margin as on illicit drugs, like cocaine).

The idea behind New Zealand socialised healthcare was good, however, because of decades of unchecked self-interest by politicians and their friends, the healthcare system has become, for the most part, a very expensive ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

The entire idea of 'preventative healthcare' has been tossed right out the window. Unless a symptom can be readily determined by a blood test or scan, no form of preventative medicine is allowed to be performed or prescribed by a GP. Preventative medicines, supplements, and care are not covered by Pharmac or government compensation.

The concepts of 'well-being' and 'healthy-living' have simply been turned into catchphrases and hastily built social programs in order to placate a growing segment of society that has become weary of medical treatments that just aren't working.

Relationships with drug companies seem to be pushing the agenda instead of a mandate to actually keep the population healthy.

People have been asking for alternative cancer and seizure therapies that work for other countries but yet are denied in New Zealand. We will bring them here.

Healthcare begins at home. Cold, mildewed, mouldy, dark, and drafty houses are a major factor behind poor health. It is time that HOUSING and building laws incorporate robust health standards (not just minimums) as part of normal design and function.

Mandatory vaccination is a violation of Human Rights
The Section 11 orders in the "COVID-19 Public Health Response Act" that "require compliance with any measures, or impose prohibitions that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19" can be made to include mandatory vaccination. This Act will be repealed.

Our mission to RESET the healthcare system is to bring health and healing to New Zealand instead of last resort 'treatments'. This will include the development of a medical cannabis laboratory as well as a patient-derived stem-cell therapy institute (for both body and dental). Invasive surgery should be the last resort instead of the main choice. Keeping people on an endless diet of prescription drugs instead of actually fixing the issues is only good for one thing: the drug companies.



Let us first clear up some confusion and a lie told by John Key when he was Prime Minister. He coined the phrase, "New Zealand has a Rockstar economy." He pointed to all of the infrastructure works going on and expansion in business, etc.

NZ overseas debt 2008 2012 reset nzHere is the lie:

It wasn't the New Zealand economy that was creating the wealth which was then being spent on infrastructure works and growth. John Key, a banker, had the New Zealand government borrow $100Million – $120Million PER WEEK during his reign as PM. This came mostly from China and super-rich families in the Middle East. The government was burning through this cash at unbelievable speeds. The bill for John Key's "Rockstar Economy" totalled a whopping $200Billion. The majority of which you are still paying for.

Selling a Contradiction to the Nation

By 2012, the 'Rockstar Economy' was doing so well, that John Key announced a plan for wide-ranging government asset sales. Again, the lie that was hidden by Key and the media is that a government that is doing well would have no need to sell its assets; in this case 49% of the 4 major energy producers and a stake in Air New Zealand. The sales to the Kiwi public didn't go well and the majority of ownership of New Zealand's energy production companies, including selling Wellington's entire electrical grid, went to foreign companies. [Selling off state-owned assets is a mandate of the World Bank. This is called 'privatisation' and is a primary step towards 'globalisation' – where large corporations and conglomerates own and control all assets worldwide.

It is the studied opinion of our investigation team that John Key used his time as Prime Minister to pad his CV in order to eventually get the top job at the World Bank. His relationship with The Clinton Foundation, which included a $13.7Million commitment and a $7.7Million payment to them in 2015, is surmised thusly: Evidence suggests that John Key (or Key Admin) paid The Clinton Foundation the $13.7Million in order to secure the appointment as World Bank President in a fraud called, "Pay to Play". Deciding that appointment is the task of the President of the United States, but Hillary Clinton DID NOT win the US Presidency in 2016, therefore John Key lost the World Bank appointment when it came due in 2018.

By the way, the $13.7Million that was paid to The Clinton Foundation was funded by YOU, the taxpayers of New Zealand. source ("Pay to Play" – US Congressional Hearings on The Clinton Foundation financial irregularities, 13 Dec 2018. )]


Our national debt (pre-2020): government, housing, personal, business, agriculture, Councils, etc. was running between $575Billion and $650+ Billion depending on which form of ‘government transparency’ you believe.

The amount that is owed to China by itself, is staggering — and the lack of transparency with regards to this is worthy of treason.


  • $12Billion Relief package (supposedly borrowed through the Reserve Bank). No interest or terms have been released to the public.
  • $56Billion Recovery package borrowed from international banks and creditors. No interest or terms have been released to the public.

The Labour Party-led government borrowed more money in one month than John Key's government borrowed in two years.

Total New Zealand Debt as of May 2020: Between $650Billion to $725Billion
Government Debt to GDP is around 30% [no transparency].
Total New Zealand Debt to GDP is 311%+.  source

Is All Debt a Bad Thing?

No, not necessarily. Properly structured debt that is used constructively for well-defined projects can be of great assistance...given that the money is borrowed from the right place.

The problem with the current Labour government (and past several governments) is, despite their campaign promises, the government HAS NOT BEEN TRANSPARENT.

When it comes to the national debt, that is a serious problem.

The unknown, non-transparent factors that the New Zealand public has not been told about regarding our debt:

  • WHO/WHERE was the money borrowed from?
  • What are the TERMS of the loans?
  • What COLLATERAL has been promised?
  • What New Zealand RESOURCES have been given away as part of the loan agreements?
  • What AGREEMENTS were made?
    • Were these agreements SECRET? If so, WHY?
    • Did these agreements include unlimited immigration [with very little or no security checks]?
    • NZ Passports issued [without any requisites]?
    • 'Safe-Haven' agreements?
    • Other agreements?
    • What consequences are in place if New Zealand defaults on payments of these loans?

Before we can move forward on defining a financial future, we need to get a clear picture of what the previous governments have gotten us into. That can only happen with a complete investigation into the past governments' agreements and financial dealings and by completely uncovering all that has been hidden at Parliament, Treasury, and the Reserve Bank. RESETTING the Economy starts with knowing first where we stand.

Our Platform Ideals:

  • The New Zealand government needs to be reset and a new Constitution and a real Bill of Rights need to be written to act as a foundation for all other laws, which includes full Checks and Balances inherent to them.
  • That a full investigation into the past governments' agreements and financial dealings needs to be convened in full.
  • That the said investigation will also include clarity and revision of the Healthcare system.

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