First of all, we are overwhelmed with the response from people who clearly see that we are losing our rights and our country and that it is about time that we did a governmental reset. This has certainly gone too far and the laws being passed are getting worse daily for Democracy in New Zealand. Well, done to all of you!

Reset New Zealand has not gone unnoticed by the Labour Government, as they just released the "New Zealand Bill of Rights (Declarations of Inconsistency) Amendment Bill" which admits exactly what we have written, that New Zealand Law and Government has no Checks and Balances, and that Laws can and do violate the Bill of Rights Act. Their solution, however, is not optimal. source 

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checks and balances Reset New Zealand

Reset New Zealand was founded by Private Investigator and Intelligence Analyst, Michael Stace.

For the past 30 years, Michael has worked as an intelligence analyst and investigator in the field of corporate forensics.

His speciality is analysing documents and data. Like policy, procedure, and laws. He looks for inconsistencies and finds loopholes.  

He was dismayed to find that the political and societal disharmony he regularly witnessed here in New Zealand came from the manipulation of two things: New Zealand did not have a working Constitution (and no Constitution for the People) and the Bill of Rights was broken [purposefully when it was written].

A Constitution is what grants the country its 'being' – its reason for existing. It is also a set of governing agreements that the country acknowledges.

A Bill of Rights guarantees civil rights and liberties to the individual, and this is what protects the people of the land from the misdeeds and purposeful manipulations of unethical people in government and business.

Not to have workable versions of either give the political parties, underlying big business, and outside influences (like the UN) full and total control over the country and people -- all without the people's consent, leaving them with very little to do about it.

From 2017-2020, he witnessed the subtle but pervasive injection of Marxist and Communist principles, ideals, and philosophy into everyday New Zealand life and society; again, all without the people's consent. He watched the government in power create and use racial division as a weapon of control and fear, pitting the country against itself.

The time came to do something about it.

A phrase that is used a lot in New Zealand is, "That's the way we've always done things." Well, we're here to let you know that the 'powers that be' have drilled that lie into society for many decades just so that they could continue getting away with their deceptions and scams.

The system is broken! Get rid of it and put a real Constitution in place that New Zealand can truly move forward with. Fix the Bill of Rights so that YOU will stop being manipulated at the whim of Parliament.

Finally allow the people to have a say in the future of THEIR country!

Change is a good thing.

It is time.

The NEED for a governmental reset has become a lot bigger than individual party platforms. Many people are realising that if we don't unseat Labour and banish National, NZ First, and the Greens, we will most likely be losing the country and our Democracy.

The Reset New Zealand concept has grown into a movement that is much larger and more important than just one single party.

At the 2020 General Election, Reset New Zealand was a component party of AdvanceNZ.



ayn rand 571778
AYN RAND's book, Atlas Shrugged, was published in 1957.
Seems she foretold how the New Zealand Government works quite accurately.

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