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“The definition of insanity
is voting for the SAME parties
over and over again and
expecting different results.”

– Einstein (NZ edition)

Something CAN Be Done About This.

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RESET the Government
RESET the Economy
RESET Healthcare


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When is the last time YOU
did something for the good
of the country?


β€œThe definition of insanity is voting for the SAME parties over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Einstein (NZ edition)

The New Zealand Government has been manipulating a purposefully included loophole in the Bill of Rights Act (1990) to write legislation that LEGALLY REMOVES YOUR RIGHTS without any due process or consultation.

The current Labour/NZ First/Green government has stripped its citizens of more rights than any other government in New Zealand history.

On this website, we document this loophole and we also post a very workable solution in order to create a REAL DEMOCRACY and to set things right – for all New Zealanders.


The PROBLEM in a nutshell:

  • New Zealand has No Single Codified Working Constitution and No Constitution for the People.
  • It has a broken Bill of Rights due to the manipulation of Section 4 of the Bill of Rights Act (1990).
  • It does not have ANY Checks or Balances built into any laws or the government structure itself.
  • There is No Govt Transparency legally required on any level.
  • Our government has become, by definition, a parliamentary dictatorship.
  • New Zealand is only a democracy for ONE DAY every three years (Election day).
  • The problem cannot simply be legislated away.

The SOLUTION in a nutshell:

  • RESET the entire government. 
  • Write a new Constitution.
  • Write a Constitution for the People.
  • Write a real Bill of Rights.
  • Have these documents act as a foundation for all other laws, which includes full Checks and Balances and Transparency inherent to them.

First of all, we are overwhelmed with the response from people who clearly see that we are losing our rights and our country and that it is about time that we did a governmental reset. This has certainly gone too far and the laws being passed are getting worse daily for Democracy in New Zealand. Well, done to all of you!

Reset New Zealand has not gone unnoticed by the Labour Government, as they just released the "New Zealand Bill of Rights (Declarations of Inconsistency) Amendment Bill" which admits exactly what we have written, that New Zealand Law and Government has no Checks and Balances, and that Laws can and do violate the Bill of Rights Act. Their solution, however, is not optimal. source 

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